With warmth and humor I can help you work towards your goals and towards relief from negative symptoms. I can help you to celebrate your strengths and grow self- compassion to create more fulfilling relationships and move from stuckness to healing.

My Services

Who and Where?

Individual Counseling (ages 12+)

Family Counseling

Virtual or In-Person sessions available

Counseling in Nature - I now offer walking sessions in local parks. Get the added benefits of exercise, fresh air, and scenery. Great for a variety of mental health concerns and great for the soul!

Gender Identity/LGBTQIA+

Gender Identity

I know how important it is to find a therapist who is educated about the particular experiences and issues facing transgender and non-binary folks, and how disapointing or even harmful it can be if a professional is not. As a cisgender woman, I have not had the same experiences, but I have worked almost exclusively with transgender and non-binary folks at the non-profit where I was employed for the last 5 years, so I am informed and affirming. I believe in informed consent for gender-affirming care, and have a profile on GALAP to help folks get the letters they need.

I have also worked with the parents and caregivers of trans youth to help navigate the family transition that occurs alongside the youth's transition. I have the knowledge to help families make informed decisions and to advocate for their youth.

Texas is a hard place to be right now if you are a trans person, or someone who loves a trans person. I follow the recommendations of all the prominant medical and mental health agencies, and will continue to use gender-affirming treatment.


I can help folks explore their identities, navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of discovering oneself.


EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a powerful treatment for the relief of traumas and past hurts. Traumatic memories are stored in our brains in a different way than other memories, this is why something can trigger that memory and the same feelings rush back over our brains and bodies, leaving us feeling the after-effects of something that happened often a long time ago. EMDR can help get those memories stored correctly so we can remember what happened to us, but we don't have to live through it over and over again.


Trauma has a huge impact on our lives, often in ways that we don't even recognize. I can help folks find ways to cope when they are feeling bad, and to move from overwhelm and stress to find relief from the symptoms that cause us so much pain. I have lived through trauma myself and my passion is helping people move through theirs.

Sometimes we feel like what happened to us doesn't qualify as trauma. But no matter what it was, the worst thing that has ever happened to us is still the worst thing that has ever happened to us, so there's no need to ignore the symptoms we have because it 'it wasn't that bad' or 'other people had it worse'.

Relationship Issues

There was no class in school to teach us how to find and maintain a healthy relatioship, how to say no and assert our boundaries with our loved ones or our bosses, or how to manage the conflicts that inevitably arises in our relationships in a way that leaves us feeling better instead of worse. There was no class, yet we face these issues on a daily basis. Navigating difficult relationships or difficult times in relationships is integral to a happy life, and I can help!

Other Specialties

I also work with individuals navigating the following:





Life transitions

Substance use problems


Low self-esteem


Thoughts of suicide

Sexual assault/abuse


Physical or emotional abuse


Family onflict





Plural Systems and Dissociative Identity Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Anger management

Autism Spectrum

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Racial identity

Religious Trauma

My Approach

I enjoy building genuine connections with my clients, learning who they are and taking their side, so we can work together to accomplish their goals and bring relief from negative symptoms.

If you're experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, dysphoria, relationship struggles or a general feeling of being stuck, I can offer helpful tools and knowledge about how our brains and bodies work so you can work them to your advantage. I aim to create an environment of understanding and humor in order to bring some joy back into my client's lives.

As a cisgender white person, I am aware of the privilege afforded to me in this culture, and actively work towards having an intersectional, anti-racist counseling practice.